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What Readers Are Saying

Getting some good reviews on The Celtic Phoenix:

“If you are interested in Celtic history, legends, etc you will also enjoy the book as it is laced with many of these items. The story centers around a legendary cult of women warriors, and those women that still follow them. When a few of these women get confused in their path and choose revenge rather than a more spiritual path the mystical leader appears to straighten them out and get the women back on track. It is Tessa and Sherlock that must prevent any more killings. Tessa is quite the detective impressing even Sherlock Holmes!”

J. Walker

A fun read, getting into the action right from the start. The tale itself is vibrant and fresh with a strong, if occasionally unsettling, plot.”

G.J. Schear

An utterly thrilling tale combined with age-old characters including, of course, Holmes’s nemesis Moriarty plus strong female characters make for a compelling read.”

What Do I Read Now

A gripping story. The author has brilliantly written a tale which has the feel of Arthur Conan Doyle but with a new exciting twist to the plot.”

MoMo Book Diary

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