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Sherlock Holmes in Italia - Meraviglioso!

Nine hundred and eleven Sherlock Holmes societies in over forty countries across the globe are testimony that Sherlock Holmes is truly a world-wide phenomena. Helping to slake the appetites of the millions of international Holmes aficionados, MX Publishing in London (the world’s largest publisher of Sherlock Holmes books) licenses the works of many of its authors to publishing houses and publications around the globe. I’m proud to say that several of my novellas have found their way to Italy—most recently, a story to a popular magazine.

The May - 2019 edition of Sherlock Magazine in Italy carries one of the novellas contained in my first collection entitled: Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years, Five New Post-Retirement' Adventures. The magazine cover also bears a photo of me. I am half Italian, so it seems apropos. The subtitle under my image translates: “Inside: The apocryphal story of Kim H. Krisco.

The tale to which they refer is: The Maestro of Mysteries. This story begins with a summons to Mycroft’s office and ends with a deadly chase in Undertown, far beneath the streets of London. The evil Ciarán Malastier escapes . . . but only into the next adventure in the five-story chronicle.

You don’t have to subscribe to Sherlock Magazine, you can enjoy this story . . . and four more, in softcover or kindle, at Amazon.

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