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Leadership Your Way

Leverage your strengths -- know and manage your weaknesses

        Your innate personal or behavioral style enables you to be masterful in leading some organizational processes, while limiting your effectiveness in other areas. Leadership Your Way lets you zero in on your own, unique personal style in order to identify the ten fundamental organizational processes that all great organizations require to be successful.

        Leadership Your Way gives you customized coaching tips around these "missing or weak processes”-- keeping in mind that, to be an effective leader you only need to ensure that ten basic organizational processes are present, you do not have to lead or manage these processes yourself.

        In short, you play the hand you’ve been dealt . . . and win.


The author focuses on trying to work effectively with your personality type. He assumes (correctly, for most of us) that we are not going to change decades of personality traits based on reading a book. So he doesn't urge the introverted reader to "be more outgoing" or try to make the control freak loosen up. Well worth reading for those who aspire to manage or lead.   M. Broderick

Talking to Trees

Exploring the evolution of coaching

Weaving coaching "how to" with memoir this book takes you on a journey into the newly emerging coaching paradigm. It follows a masterful coach on a ten-year odyssey as he and his wife hand-build a straw-bale coaching center and home in the Rocky Mountains.

        Highly informative, pragmatic, and entertaining, Talking to Trees is packed with new models, tools and techniques. If you’re a coach wondering if there is something more . . . or your ready for the next big evolutionary step in your life, you'll want to read this book.


I contacted Kim Krisco and had a wonderful conversation about his book, experiences, and heart-centered practices. I love nature so deeply and I resonate with his work. His booked touched my heart.  Lynetta Denniston

Leadership and the Art of Conversation Book Kim Krisco Author

Leadership & The Art of Conversation

Used wisely, conversation can be a manager’s most valuable asset.

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