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NEW Tessa Wiggins Screenplay

As Tessa's next novel is about to hit the shelves, a feature screenplay is now available based upon this thrilling story. With the same title as the novel - The Magnificent Madness of Tessa Wiggins - the screenplay logline, synopsis and script are available on InkTip - just CLICK HERE to see it.

Here's the pitch/logline: A poor Irish lass, haunted by recent deaths and consumed by feelings of unworthiness, is slowly being driven mad by an ancient spirit mentor’s mystical initiation rituals, and the desperate hope she will become the last Druid priestess in Wales, tries to save a wise Celtic herbalist/bard, and finds herself in a sham asylum at the hands of ruthless criminals determined to plunder sacred Celtic treasures that can only be found on All-Halloween.

I would love to here what you think as I am considering developing a TV series based on Tessa -- the last Druid priestess in Wales.

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