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New Tessa Wiggins Mystery On The Way!

The reader response from The Celtic Phoenix tells me that readers want more of Tessa Wiggins—the irregular detective. And I agree. A new tale is being crafted—tentatively entitled: The Magnificent Madness of Women. Here’s how it begins:

Tessa Wiggins is a thirty-six year old Irish housekeeper in post WWI Wales, is acting in bizarre ways—her madness caused by the spirit of a two thousand year old Druid priestess—Ganna. Tessa believes Ganna will mentor and teach her, and she will become the last true Druid in Wales.

When Tessa resists treatment, her lover asks Sherlock Holmes, a childhood friend, to intervene. Before he can come Holmes’s, his legacy masterwork on criminology is stolen from his cottage. When he tracks the thief to an asylum, Holmes realizes that he can retrieve his manuscript and help Tessa, and asks her to go undercover inside Hellingford Asylum.

What she doesn’t know is that she and the manuscript are being used to lure Holmes to his death—and now Holmes is coming to her rescue.

What do you think?

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