Sherlock Holmes with a Twist

The Celtic Phoenix

A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Introducing Tessa Wiggins, the Irregular Detective

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Celtic Phoenix Audio Book Kim Krisco

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About Kim

Kim Krisco, Author

Hello and welcome to my website.


Like most of you, I knew that Sherlock Holmes could never retire. So, I  picked up the pen that Dr. Watson set down when Holmes left London. All three of my novels take place after his retirement to the Sussex Downs..The first was Sherlock  Holmes - The Golden Years, followed by Irregular Lives: The Untold Story of Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars. These two books left me wondering who will carry on Holmes’s legacy?


Enter Tessa Wiggins, a former member of Holmes’s urchin army, who embodies the antithesis of Holmes’s cool rational methodology. Tessa uses her street-smarts, intuition, and “ancient wisdom” to solve mysteries. The ancient wisdom comes via her sidekick Ganna -- a two thousand year old Druid priestess whose spirit haunts Tessa. Get the whole story in: The Celtic Phoenix -- A Sherlock Holmes Adventure Introducing Tessa Wiggins, the Irregular Detective.

I enjoy hearing from my readers and take pride in the fact that I reply to every person that reaches out to me. The easiest way to reach me is via the "contact page" in this website. So, let me hear from you.